Internet traffic is easy. Converting traffic, on the other hand, can be demanding. What does it take to increase sales in your online store?

Online shopping has had tremendous growth in the recent years with social distancing and closed shops. Our shopping pattern has changed. More people shop on eCommerce, and a larger proportion of money is spent online. So how can you ensure that your online store takes part in this development? Well, the simple answer is; more customers, larger orders and more frequent purchase frequency. 

Did you know that 64% of all Google searches come from mobile?

How to succeed with


We are exposed to huge amounts of advertising material on the internet every day. There are sales, offers, campaigns, superdeals, etc. It is easy to become both dizzy and confused in the amount of information we are exposed to.

A fun experiment is to try and remember how many brands you have been exposed to in the last 24 hours.

– you hardly remember more than three.

This means several things. It means that brands are not able to stand out in the crowd to a large enough extent and create attention. It means that the campaign’s content is generally too poor. It means that there is sky-high competition for customers. And it also means that there are large sums wasted on marketing.

So how do you succeed?

With a well detailed-planned customer journey, the right marketing and building up credibility. 

Customer journey




Know your


First of all,  define your product, your target audience and their decision-making process. Is it an impulse purchase or is a higher degree of involvement required? How much information does the target group need to make a purchase? 

Next, it is useful to think about what advantages does your product have? What need does it meet, or what problem does it solve?

In order to understand your target audience beyond the usual demographic variables, it is important to know their motivations. It is very easy to become too technical when trying to win the attention of the target audience. There is a big difference between ads that say:

“Shell jacket with 20,000mm water column” and “The jacket that is guaranteed to keep you dry.”

Most customers don’t buy a jacket based solely on the 20mm water column, the need is that they want to stay dry.

Catch our drift?

Don’t just know, but understand your target audience! Focus on the product’s benefits rather than its attributes.

“Don’t care if my new windows are triple-layered with argon gas. I want to know if they keep the heat inside the house.”

Target Audience




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A good customer journey

It’s cool when you’ve won attention and earned a click. But clicks themselves unfortunately have limited value.

This is when the sales work really starts. In order for the customer to complete all the steps to payment,  the online store’s functionality must be top notch. We have become quite spoiled online. If the loading time is too long, if the page does not look good enough on mobile, or if the customer’s preferred payment method is not available, it is easy to lose the sale.

The customer journey is extremely important. Customers expect the to have all information they need, they expect all technical solutions to work optimally and they expect support if needed at the moment. 

Create trust

One of the biggest differences between stores and online shopping is the customer’s opportunity to touch, see and feel the product, and not receiving the product straight away. It basically means that customers trust that the product is what you tell them it is.

How should they trust you?

Create a good relationship with your customers. Let them get to know you, and your customers. Showcase customer reviews, and be transparent in communication. Have good and clear exchange and return schemes, offer buy now – pay later, etc. All this helps to lower the perceived risk.

The most important thing is to dare to be yourself. Stand by what you do and have confidence in your products.

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